Sergiy Galyonkin

Game developer, photographer, podcaster and occasional public speaker

I made Steam Spy – the most popular analytical tool for PC game developers used by thousands of people daily. And if you’re interested in Steam related stuff you should read my blog and follow me on Bluesky.

I worked at Epic Games as Director of Publishing Strategy, where I helped launch and monetize Fortnite, and create Epic Games Store. I also used to work at Wargaming, Nival, 1C-Softclub and other game development companies.

My favorite hobby is taking pictures. I have a whole bunch of them on my photography site. You can also follow me on 500px, Flickr or Instagram.

Together with my friend Michael Kuzmin I hosted a podcast named How Games are Made about game development. It was the most popular podcast about game development in Russian.

Oh, and I wrote a book on Marketing video games that was read by over 200 thousand people. The book is in Russian, though, and is quite outdated now.